Falkirk GHG Hockey Club

Falkirk GHG Hockey Club Constitution


The name of the Club shall be Falkirk GHG Hockey Club (hereinafter called 'the club').


The object of the club shall be to encourage the playing of hockey, in particular encourage young people to participate in the sport.


The classes of membership shall be as follows:

1. Ordinary Members - membership is open to all who pay the appropriate annual membership to the Club.

2. Honorary Members - Honorary membership may be conferred on past members of the Club, or present members of the Club, or those who are not Club members. This membership to be conferred on those who have performed valuable service to the Club. Honorary members shall be entitled to all the privileges of Ordinary membership, but shall be relieved of all liability to pay subscriptions. Conferring of Honorary membership status to be decided by the approval of a General Meeting of the Club by a simple majority. Honorary members will be re-elected annually at the AGM.

3. Associate Membership - Associate membership shall be open to all non-playing members of the Club, who pay the appropriate subscription.


The Club shall be affiliated through the East District to the Scottish Hockey Union.


The Rules of the game shall be those adopted by the Scottish Hockey Union.


The Colours of the Club shall be: Shirts - White; Shorts - Blue; Socks - Blue (Home), Red (Away); A Red shirt shall be the alternative Club colours.


The office bearers shall be: a Chairman; One or more Vice-Chairmen; a Secretary; a Treasurer; First XI Captain; one or more fixture Secretaries; all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.


The entire management shall be invested in a committee, comprising of the office bearers, assisted by a number of convenors as required. The convenors shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, or these may be co-opted by the committee as required and may invite members to join the committee should this be seen as appropriate during the course of a season. The Committee shall make bye-laws, and in all cases of dispute within the Club, it's decision shall be final. The quorum of the Committee shall be five.

The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be ex-officio trustees for the Club.

In addition, the Committee may delegate any of it's powers to one or more subcommittees, who shall report any decisions to the full Committee for ratification.

The Elected members of the Management Committee may include: All Captains and Vice-Captains; a Minutes Secretary; One or more Press Secretary/ Secretaries; Convenors with specific responsibilities: Social/and or/fund raising; Equipment; Registrar; Indoor, and Members with particular skills/interests may be elected to serve on the Committee - Legal Adviser; Financial Consultant.

It shall be appropriate to elect a member/members to speak on behalf of a particular group within the Club at Committee meeting.
e.g. Schoolboys; Veterans.


Provision shall exist within the Club Constitution for a Selection Committee to be formed, should this be deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.


A general meeting of the Club shall be held annually, before the 21st April of each year, and before the East District AGM.

The AGM to be held at such time and place decided upon by the Executive Committee, and shall be presided over by the Chairman, or in his absence, his deputy. Only Ordinary and Honorary members of the Club shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings. Associate members shall be entitled to attend and be heard, but shall not be entitled to vote.

Election of Office Bearers, Convenors of the various Committees, Captains of the various teams, and other members elected to serve on the Management Committee, shall be made at the Annual General Meeting. Vice-Captains will be appointed by the team Captain subject to ratification by the Executive Committee.

Proposals for such positions, written and duly signed by the proposer, seconder and nominee, must have been submitted in writing to the Secretary 15 days prior to the meeting. Vacant posts at the AGM will be filled as laid down in section 8.

Any ordinary or honorary member, wishing to submit to the General Meeting, a motion or other business relevant to the affairs of the Club, shall give specific intimation thereof, IN WRITING, to the Secretary at least 15 days prior to the meeting.

The Secretary shall give 21 days notice calling the meeting, and shall prepare an agenda, a copy of which will be available for scrutiny from the Office Bearers and Team Captains during those 21 days.

It shall be competent for the Chairman at the Annual General Meeting, to accept or reject amendments to such motions.

Any competent business relative to the affairs of the Club, may be transacted at the General Meeting, provided specific intimation thereof has been given in the notice of agenda. Notwithstanding the above, the Chairman shall have the power to transact such business as seen fit provided it is relevant to the affairs of the Club and as time shall permit.

15 voting members shall constitute a quorum.


Ordinary and Honorary members of the Club shall be entitled to vote at the General Meeting. The Chairman shall have the casting vote as well as a deliberative vote. A majority vote of the voting members shall carry the motion.


The Treasurer shall keep account of all moneys received and expended on account of the Club and shall present such accounts, duly audited by a person appointed by the Executive Committee, at the Annual General Meeting.

Any account of the Club should require two signatories for the authorisation of expenditure, one of which must be the Treasurer. The other authorised signatories are the Chairman and the Secretary.

In addition the Treasurer shall be able to make payments through internet banking to facilitate the smooth running of the Club finances. This will be subject to the following conditions :

The Executive Committee have the right to inspect the accounts at any time, given 14 days notice to the Treasurer.


The Committee shall have the power to reprimand, suspend, or expel any members of the club. The Discipline Committee to comprise: the Chairman; Vice-Chairman; Captains of all teams. The Legal Advisor and Secretary will be in attendance solely in their capacity on the executive committee and will not have a vote. A right of appeal shall be to the executive committee with a minimum quorum of 8. A decision to discipline shall be by a simple majority with no abstentions. In event of the committee failing to reach a majority the Chairman shall have a casting vote.


The Committee shall, at any time, instruct the Secretary to call a special general meeting of the section. This meeting may also be called by the Secretary, or if failing the President/Chairman, as soon as practicable after the receipt of a requisition to that effect signed by at least 1/5 of the voting members of the Club, and stating the reason, or reasons for such requisition. Every Special General Meeting shall be held at such time and place as decided by the Committee. The precise business will be restricted to that detailed in that request. It shall be competent for the Chairman at the Special General Meeting to accept any or reject any amendments to the business intimated. 21 days notice shall be given of such meetings, this to be given by the team captains.


The annual subscription of the Club shall be payable before 30th September each year. The Committee shall have the power to levy a late fee should this not be paid by the due date. The Committee may instruct the Secretary to write to any player who has not paid their subscription due by the stipulated date determined by the Committee.

The Annual Subscription shall be determined by the management Committee and communicated to members at the earliest date, but certainly before 31st August.


The admission of new members to the Club shall be at the discretion of the Management Committee. A register of members, past and present, and pools of various teams, shall be kept by a REGISTRAR, who shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.


No changes to the constitution may be made without a 2/3 majority of voting members present at a General Meeting. Notice of proposed changes must be lodged with the Secretary in writing at least 15 days prior to the meeting. Proposed alterations to the constitution shall be intimated to all members through the team captains, along with the agenda for the meeting.

Updated following 2016 AGM

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